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View Diary: Video of NYPD Breaking into Ramarley Graham's Home Prior to Murdering Him (195 comments)

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  •  Watching the President's SOTU (16+ / 0-)

    address, I heard some things that merited praise, some things that deserved push back, and one thing that clearly rated a WTF: His pitch for hiring returning soldiers to be policemen was unnerving, to say the least.

    I remember Basic Training back in the Nam era. The whole process of conditioning young soldiers for combat involved dehumanizing the enemy. The prime survival skill was shoot first - ask questions later. Anyone want to tell me it's different now?

    While I'm sure there are many combat vets who serve honorably here as policeman, I'm equally certain they are out numbered by those who, when they trade camo for blue, end up policing much like they patrolled overseas - every civilian is a potential enemy. Trust no one. If your buddy acts violently without justification, your primary duty is to have his back. After all, it's us against them.

    This is NOT a skill set (nor a mind set) that should be given the responsibility to "protect and serve."

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