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View Diary: Video of NYPD Breaking into Ramarley Graham's Home Prior to Murdering Him (195 comments)

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  •  It's easy for a normal white guy (20+ / 0-)

    to say this (I'm only assuming you're white and have cleanly cut hair and don't look like anything but a normal white guy, you can correct me if I'm wrong. Just making an assumption on the Interwebs based on previous things you've written).

    My SO is a white guy, but he has loooong blonde hair, and he used to drive a van.

    He would get pulled over for no reason at all. And because he had a squeaky clean record (both criminal and driving are perfectly clean), the cops would spend a long time in their patrol cars trying to find something, anything on him.

    He was getting stereotyped as a stoner, I think, between the long hair and the van. In the first year I knew him, he got pulled over 4 times for NO REASON at all, and got no tickets, but they wasted 20 - 30 minutes of his time trying to find a reason to a) give him a ticket, and b) search his car (i assume). Since they never found a reason, and he was always really polite and calm and respectful (although he could cuss up a storm later, believe me) they couldn't do either.

    I inherited the van when he bought a Hyundai Elantra. I've never been pulled over in it, so it's not the car itself (chicks in minivans are just soccer moms to cops, I think). But funny enough, ever since he started driving the Elantra, a regular middle-class sedan, he has not been pulled over, ever.

    •  I'm Usually Just An Armenian American (7+ / 0-)

      Except when I'm not. Depending on the time of day and my 5 o'clock shadow, I can look Italian, Mediterranean, part-African American, Middle Eastern (Armenians are Indo-European so this is the closest) and Hispanic. I've had a couple of incidents of mistaken identity and/or profiling while just going about my business. It seems to me that cops go around frightened out of their wits all the time with lousy training and anger management issues (as well as systemic racism). This is volatile mix. In the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong lighting, I could wind up shot just because it looked like I was holding something other than my cell phone in my hand. Maybe I should get a bright yellow cover for my phone.

      This head movie makes my eyes rain.

      by The Lone Apple on Tue Feb 07, 2012 at 08:46:36 AM PST

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