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View Diary: Why the Right Went Insane Over the Clint Eastwood Superbowl Ad (223 comments)

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  •  Superbowl ads are always the best (3+ / 0-)

    Many of them are on the scale of works of art, and those that are not works of art are almost invariably funny and clever. Sometimes they are artistic, funny, and clever all at the same time. Most ads you see on television are trash, but they really bring out the talent and the effort for the Superbowl, and those ads are often on the level of masterpieces.

    As for this one, it is definitely inspiring. I actually had an idea back in 2008 for an ad somewhat similar to this. It wasn't very well developed, but it was about the transition from a depressed industrial wasteland to a revived and vibrant town/city, and the whole thing centered around the song "Country Roads (Take Me Home)." I've loved that song (the Olivia Newton-John version the most, which is what I had in mind) for years now, and thought that it would make an excellent ad for 2008 in a kind of "Come home, America" sort of way, except it would have been "Come home, America" done right. In a way though, I think it would be just as well suited for this year.

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