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View Diary: JC Penney Takes Unambiguous Stand on DeGeneres Controversy (214 comments)

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  •  I wrote to them. Thanks for putting that link (9+ / 0-)

    in your post. I'm not a "shopper" who goes rambling through malls, but I will make a point to go to Penney's and buy something if I have a need. If I go to a department store I would much, much rather give support to one that has enlightened policies like this.

    When I send a comment to anyone who sells a product -- if I support them I say I will buy their product. If I don't support them I tell them I won't buy their product and give the alternative I will buy. If it's the media I tell them I won't read/watch them and why.

    In a situation like this I always think about those 400 rich people at the top who have such a tremendous amount of money. It's not just money. They have power. They own companies. They buy and sell stocks. They have influence.

    This is a courageous action on Penney's part and they deserve to hear appreciation.

    Excellent diary. Thanks!

    “The only thing that happens in an instant is destruction … everything else requires time.” ~ First Lady, Michelle Obama

    by ParkRanger on Thu Feb 09, 2012 at 02:23:39 PM PST

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