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  •  Yes ... blame the Hippies ... it's so easy to do (6+ / 0-)

    I remember this from the first anti-Vietnam War/ROTC on Campus demonstrations at my college circa 1961. The reason we weren't getting a proper hearing was that SOME people insisted on showing up with sloppy clothes and straggly beards -- not at all like the young Quakers who organized the events who had a dress and conduct code calculated to assuage the Youth Running Wild anxieties of the senior Administration and ROTC faculty.

    Not long after we were hearing from "responsible Negro leaders" whose names I can no longer remember how hotheads ... like Jackson, King, Evers, Cleaver and many more who everyone remembers today ... were like "crabs in a bucket", dragging everyone else down.

    A few years later, it was the "solid" churchpeople at Washington Square Methodist bemoaning the dress and demeanor of the Fifth Avenue Peace Parade ...

    And OF COURSE we know whose fault it was that Nixon was the One in '68. It was those damned meddling kids again ... being rude -- acting out.

    But the fact of the matter is: when an elected member of the Establishment is not in a mood to "give" ... any reason or no reason will serve as an excuse. But since the Apparatchiks are far above and beyond any consequences ... it's so much easier to believe "if only we had put the question in better words ... if only we had been nicer, better dressed, less angry -- how different the outcome would have been.

    The extreme case of this psychology: the Battered Spouse who can always think of a dozen things she/he ought to have done better/differently to have prevented the most recent slapping-around.

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