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View Diary: Why Single Payer is Dead in California (60 comments)

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  •  It does seem just a tad bit odd (0+ / 0-)

    , though, that overzealous support of a bill caused legislators to prevent its moving forward. I am absolutely certain (without any hard evidence or personal experience) that the folks who called and reamed out the legislative staff were over the top, inappropriate, rude, unnecessarily harsh, and so forth. I know they should have used more calm language and not berate under- or non-paid staffers. Again, with no evidence to support the accusation, let's accept it as read, prima facie.

    However, even allowing this, I am having some cognitive dissonance around the seeming fact that not only were the staff, whose job it is to field correspondence with constituents, utterly devastated but these proponents of single-payer health care, but also that the legislators- some of whom are Democrats- felt such disgust at the public's opprobrium that they refused to even give Rep. Leno a courtesy vote.

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