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View Diary: Good News from Alzheimer's Researchers they may have found the magic bullet (164 comments)

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  •  High hopes are fine, we know we aren't mice. (1+ / 0-)
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    A human trial as you indicate declaring 'cure' is something else. Still it is our expectation and not promising news that creates the problem.

    I saw there are doctors still offering Enbrel off label (for 30 K and many injections) as well as later studies being done,
    Scam versus hope comes into play there. That initial 'miracle' pronouncement probably made possible scam easier.

    Still this is mice and the researchers are clear this finding is a long way from offering good news for human and note the reasons it might mean nothing.

    This research team has worked on cell receptors for a very long time so come from another angle. The drug has more promising features then some further in development and will not need to be injected as others are. Also likely less risk of brain swelling. It does not directly Heredestroy the bad stuff but rather activates an existing process within the brain that does it naturally.

    So the differences in the drug and how it works is hopeful too. They already have a patent on it for this use of course and expect to start human trials soon

    We'll watch for it.
    Here is another article that explains a little more

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