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  •  Actually they DO care about it (10+ / 0-)

    They figure that's the problem, that women like sex way too much. Being inferior vessels created by God for the sole purpose of serving men, their masters, women in their eyes have no right to desire or fulfillment.

    Neither do men, but men have not desires but "needs" that must be met.

    The immoral natural tendency of women is to be sluts. Women cannot be stopped from being sluts. But men have the responsibility to prevent them from getting away with being sluts by avoiding pregnancy, which is after all God's punishment to women for not keeping their legs shut.

    If women don't want to get pregnant, let them become nuns. So long as they watch out for those horny priests, that is. Of course, if a nun is raped by a priest, it's her own fault. Because she was being slutty.

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