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View Diary: Will the Obama Administration Allow Courts to Rule on Warrantless Surveillance? (3 comments)

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    The continuing implementation of surveillance technology will never be stopped. Once turned on, they could never turn it off.  No matter what they say publically.  The "TIA" program was refused by congress... and now is functioning 24x7x365.25.  Both ends of all Emails; all URL requests. Everything is being collected.  This very text.  
    American surveillance technology enables China to track movement of huge numbers of its citizens in real time via massive deployment of hi-res CCTV camera networks.  London is amongst the most wired CCTV cities in the world.  There are myriad software / hardware development companies feeding the NSA and CIA additional data-mining capabilities continuously.  

    The forces of darkness never sleep, and are extremely well-funded. How can we prevail? Simple.

    We don't.
    It's done.

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