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  •  many jewelry wholesalers have gone out of (2+ / 0-)
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    Hatrax, BusyinCA

    business here in s.f. due to the high price of precious metals - including silver.

    platinum is through the roof - gold, too.  silver is no longer easily affordable, so new pieces aren't being made/sold because there is no market in these tight times.

    when i first started doing the jewelry thing, the jewelry mart in s.f. consisted of 2 solid floors of wholesale/manufacturers and another two floors of manufacurers/casters/stone dealers.

    now, the mart is barely one floor of jewelry partly due to the sale of the building and the deliberate attempt to drive out the wholesale jewelry business and turn the center into office space by the cruddy new owners.  the other major reason is the sharp decline in the middle class purchasing fine jewelry.  it is one of the first "luxuries" to go by the boards.  

    so, my major silver supplier is now gone (a lovely married couple with a great shop and great prices) leaving only a very few who now have limited selections.  

    many of the great suppliers are now in l.a. or out of business entirely.  as for the upper floors of gift wholesalers, the majority are now in l.a. or in n.y or at gift shows like moscone.  

    but, the speculators are making a mint!  they are literally killing off their own market in exchange for short term profits.  but, what the heck, the world is going to end when the rapture comes anyway, so what does it matter!  right?

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    by edrie on Thu Feb 23, 2012 at 02:15:09 PM PST

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