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  •  I think that's the biggest thing (14+ / 0-)

    and the one the GOP seems to totally ignore.

    The guy is magnetic. He grabs your eyes, and your ears. He's got the same kind of charisma that JFK did. If he was in a crowd, you'd still notice him. It's that same combination of looks, brains and confidence.

    Obama had the looks and brains probably from the day he was born, but the confidence has come in the last 6-8 yrs, starting with that speech before the Dem convention in 2004.

    I had no clue who the hell he was, but when I saw that speech, I knew he was going to be President. He had the right stuff.

    The GOP clowns? Frankly, I'm surprised any of them ever got elected to anything. Romney most of all - he is so totally unlikable, has that totally slimy bad salesman vibe, that I'm amazed that MA ever elected him.

    It's a big part of the reason McCain lost - anybody you put on the stage with Obama is going to be overshadowed. Now more than before.

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