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View Diary: "If you do the crime, pay the time" A Pro-life View of Abortion (293 comments)

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  •  I agree. I often wonder if Republicans realize (7+ / 0-)

    the fault in being "pro-life". They don't seem to care about maintaining a safety net. If a mother doesn't have the option to terminate the pregnancy her likelihood of needing a safety net is heightened. You would think that with this fact, the Repubs would try to keep Welfare programs to laud the mothers who carried their child to term.

    Let my name stand among those who are willing to bear ridicule and reproach for the truth's sake, and so earn some right to rejoice when the victory is won.-Louisa May Alcott

    by YoungArizonaLiberal on Thu Feb 23, 2012 at 02:44:01 PM PST

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    •  No they don't care. (1+ / 0-)
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      All they want to do is punish women who dare to have sex outside of their conceptualization of how it is supposed to happen.

      They revel in the taking of born life, the blood lust drips out of their mouths for killing anyone who doesn't agree with them. In general, they are pro death and definately pro suffering.

      WTF!?!?!?! When did I move to the Republic of Gilead?!

      by IARXPHD on Fri Feb 24, 2012 at 07:23:45 AM PST

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