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View Diary: How to take action against Limbaugh at the local level (128 comments)

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    Yes, those local advertisers who buy time specifically on Limbaugh's show should be gone after, but frankly ALL the advertisers of the station that chooses to carry Limbaugh and RW nutcases without any balanced should be boycotted.

    The pressure should be put on the station that carries by boycotting all companies that advertise on that station, and it shouldn't take a 'Limbaugh Bimbo Eruption' for all of us to be pushing for this.

    The facts are, in rural Red America, AM RW hate radio has an exclusive lock on massive numbers of airtime, through thousands of small market radio stations.

    It's not just Limbaugh, and it's not just the fact it's RW Hate Speech, it's that these stations that carry ONLY RW Hate Speech and have poisoned the minds of millions, for decades.

    Republicans totally abandoned conservatism in the 1980s ..

    by shpilk on Sat Mar 03, 2012 at 09:08:40 AM PST

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