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    Sea Otters are precious to me as I grew up not far from Otter Cove. The storm drains in town aren’t connected to the sewer system so any chemicals spilled or other polluted run off invariably ends up in the ocean. When I was growing up it was uncommon to use any chemicals in yards, but I am wondering if that has changed and people do spray their lawns?

    How well are the abalone reproducing? When I was growing up, the fishermen blamed the sea otters for the lack of abalone and I remember that several times a year the local news would report that a sea otter or two had been found dead after being shot from rifle. Even as a little kid, I understood that the fishermen were wrong in blaming the sea otters for “killing off” the abalone. Over fishing, poaching and pollution were killing off the abalone, not sea otters.

    sigh. I am very sad to hear the Sea Otter population is declining.

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    by Sand Hill Crane on Wed Mar 07, 2012 at 06:35:07 PM PST

    •  Chemicals are definitely one problem (0+ / 0-)

      More or less all the cities along the coast have storm drains that go straight out to the sea. Their sewage treatment can't even handle the regular waste stream, let alone the extra from the major rainy season. So yes, that's definitely one big problem

      As for the abalone, well, another problem is apparently food-related, but nobody's sure of the extent of it.

      There's all sorts of stuff going on. And the frustrating thing is, if we could only get some real funding, do some real solid research over the next five years or so, we could probably stop it now, while it's early and there are still plenty of otters.

      The longer we wait, the harder it'll be.

      And god... if I could have chosen anywhere to grow up, Otter Cove would be pretty high on my list. (Not that I'm complaining about where I grew up, I guess. But still.)

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