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  •  as the mother of a child (now deceased) who was (12+ / 0-)

    severely disabled, I have no problem with the idea of getting an abortion because of congenital problems.
    My child, whom I dearly loved, needed constant care: physically backbreaking (literally as both of us developed back problems), financially ruinous, emotionally exhausting and socially isolating. None of it was the poor little guy's fault -- he just had terrible luck.
    When we decided to have another child after our son's stroke (which was what caused his disabilities), we had genetic counseling and every test in the book done, and I'm not apologetic about it.
    A family in our neighborhood had 2 sons with fragile X syndrome, one born before the first was correctly diagnosed. Watching that mother with 2 very sweet, very lovable but completely out-of-control boys would be educational for anyone who thinks that abortion should be illegal. She never looked rested -- her exhaustion was palpable and her view of the future grim. These boys were so hyperactive and so strong that they were a danger to themselves and others, even though they never meant to do any harm. I was advised by another neighbor never to let them inside my car or house because of the damage they had done to hers.
    The couple wanted a child who would develop normally, so when they got pregnant with their 3rd child, they had the testing done and made damn sure they were having a girl.
    The men in these state legislatures requiring ultrasounds say they want the pregnant woman fully informed. Fully informed should include information on what you might face in terms of the care needed for a child with a congenital condition. Some people can handle these problems, and others can't. That decision should come from the families not from some outside authority

    We're not perfect, but they're nuts! -- Barney Frank

    by Tamar on Fri Mar 16, 2012 at 07:57:25 PM PDT

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