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  •  If I were optimistic about the future, I probably (4+ / 0-)
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    QDMacaw, side pocket, mamamorgaine, RonV

    would have kept this to myself.

    But I am not.

    I am, and have been fearful of the future of American Women, and America in general for quite some time.

    Anyone who knows a thing about history can see all the bad influences coming together--already together, in a way that bodes ill for our future.

    Women are just the scapegoat right now. We don't show a coherent front that has been strong enough [lately] to defend ourselves against these attacks on our civil rights.

    If they take us down, though, it will give them steam to go after homosexuals, and then it will be down to race and immigration, and then the religious hegemony will start.

    By then, this country will be unrecognizable. It will have more in common with the Handmaid's tale plot, than any timeline we are familiar with.

    •  I didn't mean optimism about the future. (1+ / 0-)
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      I just meant optimism that anyone hears what you're saying when you talk about sexual assault. In thirty years I don't think I ever met anyone that was capable of hearing me. But that's a different story that's more personal and doesn't have much political resonance.

      I think you're right that these current attacks on women are just a start. They have a world that they envision and reproduction is just one piece of the puzzle. Women, however, may just be their biggest hurdle.

      •  Honestly? (1+ / 0-)
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        I just think they're ramping up the batshit because first we got a black president, then his black wife ran her mouth and wasn't sorry for one damned minute (as she shouldn't be, hell yeah, Michelle Obama rules), then we got an Occupation, and now their asses are on the ropes.  

        I think we give these people too much credit sometimes.  They're just fucking crazy.

        •  Nope, this is organized, real and dangerous (0+ / 0-)

          I have been following this for years.

          I wish you were right Xavier but that is not the case.

          This is a fight right now. And we haven't been winning the big culture war, because we on our side have not been as committed to victory.

          These people will stop at nothing.

          Remember they bomb abortion clinics and send out snipers.

          They do all sorts of awful things to try and win by any means necessary.

          That is why we have issues in the Military, in the medical profession, in our school systems, libraries, and city councils.

          They knew they couldn't win from the top down without tremendous resistance, so there has been a concerted effort to remake America from the bottom up since the late 1980s stealth campaigns.

          What do you think all those conventions are for? Road to Victory, Christian Coalition, Moral Majority, Baggers?

          And the main body always relies on the batshit fringe to do their wet work, meanwhile hiding behind the robe and crown of Christ and pretending to be all innocent and shit.

          Stop falling for it.

          It is as bad as you think and they are out to get us.

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