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View Diary: I Just Paid for Dick Cheney’s New Heart, Now Who Will Pay for My Daughter’s? (107 comments)

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  •  My best wishes for you all. It's that they don't (14+ / 0-)

    really think these things through, how it actually works on an individual basis.
    The pols are insulated, they never feel the premiums so high that you can't afford to take a plan with an affordable deductible, then the deductible is so high, the out of pocket makes health care a luxury after food, shelter and gasoline in the family budget.
    Bankruptcy because we get sick; poor health because we can't afford dental and health care, that's what's unAmerican and the politicians better get the message.
    I don't care if big pharma and the insurance companies all go to hell; we have to have a single payer system where we all get the right to get sick, with the obligation to try and stay well.  

    Occupy- Your Mind. - No better friend, no worse enemy. -8.75, -6.21<> Bring the Troops Home Yesterday

    by Thousandwatts on Mon Mar 26, 2012 at 11:52:47 PM PDT

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