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View Diary: I Just Paid for Dick Cheney’s New Heart, Now Who Will Pay for My Daughter’s? (107 comments)

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  •  Again, I'm not sure that is so much a (1+ / 0-)
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    government benefit as an employment benefit.

    I know that it totally sucks that an asshole like Dick was able to get a well paying "cushy" government job - but still, methinks it does the country well overall to pay its workers well.

    Overall it tends to attract better employees (again, it sucks when someone like Dick weasels in on the "gravy train" like this, but still - let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater, or whatever banal phrase applies for this particular situation).

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      Freakinout daily, origuycpe

      If anything, we should be applauding the fact that our public servants get such good care.  We should be holding it up as a model for all workers citizens.  We should be pointing out that if someone like Darth Cheney can continue to beat the odds for decades thanks to excellent health care, imagine what a better place the world would be if people who can make real contributions weren't dying off for lack of care.

      I do agree with the diarist that it sucks that Cheney gets great care with no expense spared and her daughter doesn't.  But the focus should be on holding Cheney's care up as an example of what everyone should be getting, even if they are an evil old sonofabitch who's just putting off his long and inevitable date with the Satan.

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      by CharlieHipHop on Tue Mar 27, 2012 at 05:47:43 PM PDT

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