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View Diary: Homicide detective wanted George Zimmerman charged with manslaughter, but prosecutors said no (225 comments)

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  •  Failure to fully investigate was worse (4+ / 0-)

    than the initial decision not to arrest, since they could always arrest Zimmerman later, but they could never recover lost evidence.  We don't know the full extent of the investigation, but it appears to have been mainly talking to Zimmerman.  In contrast, I recall a friend's daughter was involved in a bad car accident where the facts appeared pretty straightforward.  Nonetheless, the cops did a full detailed reconstruction because they thought it might end up with a death (fortunately it did not).  Investigation should have included detailed survey of any foot-tracks in the area, alcohol/drug testing of Zimmerman, medical workup on Zimmerman's injuries, Fingerprinting everything in sight, and so forth.  If cops failed to do that, much of the evidence is irretrievable.

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