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View Diary: Little House on the Prairie, Mad Men, Racism, and Television (52 comments)

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  •  I loved "Little House..." as a kid. I remember (3+ / 0-)
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    Ian Reifowitz, TiaRachel, nomandates

    the episodes you mention.  but the revelation that a black doctor was deliberately excluded from the story for TV is infuriating.  and to replace that with Solomon!?  are you kidding me?  

    so yeah, in that light, I can't get on board, Ian.  sorry.  the inherent lesson of a 19th century black doctor in the wilds of Minnesota would have even more important than the lessons Landon did show.

    I get it, but it wasn't quite enough, all things considered.  it's like if they had replaced Hellen Keller with Mary to show how to treat the handicapped.  not quite good enough.

    anyway. I'm gonna evenutally netflix "Mad Men."  

    This comment is dedicated to my mellow Adept2U and his Uncle Marcus

    by mallyroyal on Thu Mar 29, 2012 at 11:40:46 AM PDT

    •  I hear youi (2+ / 0-)
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      mallyroyal, nomandates

      The two are both valid points. Not showing the doctor was a terrible move just as the aspirational approach was a good move. Both are true, I'd suggest.

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      by Ian Reifowitz on Thu Mar 29, 2012 at 12:13:41 PM PDT

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