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View Diary: Contrary torture memo finally released by State Department. Bottom line: CIA committed war crimes (275 comments)

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    I don't think anyone really wants to bring up torture again.  Like an insane person kept in the attic, people will not want to mention/deal with it again. The insane one is still there, those on the outside will keep on feeding it surreptitiously, but actively debate about whether or not the insanity of torture should be performed, I don't think so.  

    I think torture will be brushed under the rug of "national security" even in the light of a potential military trial of KSM. Since prosecutors can't or aren't supposed to use evidence obtained under torture, there won't be much examination of the 183 times KSM was water boarded. In my opinion this is a fig leaf for KSM's execution and the subsequent media declaration 'closure' for the victims of 9/11.

    As for Jose Rodriguez - he took part in Iran-Contra.   He ordered or took the blame for ordering the burning of the torture tapes.  

    Now he is trying to justify his authorization/cupidity regarding torture by saying that torture got info on the location of Bin Laden.   Rodriguez retired in 2007.  Bin Laden killed in 2011. I think most people will consider the source.  

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    by sailmaker on Wed Apr 04, 2012 at 02:43:26 PM PDT

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