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View Diary: Rush: Welfare Recipients Akin to Wild Animals Dependent on People for Food (21 comments)

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  •  I actually disagree with the premise that (2+ / 0-)
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    Black Max, SuzieQ4624

    someone in the situation you describe (went from welfare to nicely financed independence via help from government assistance) is unlikely to become a ditto-head.

    The following is an anecdote only so I am hopeful that this is an aberration:

    Just this week I had a heated discussion about this exact situation described in the diary. It is a woman in her early forties who was a single mom, welfare, foodstamps, childcare recipient, medicaid, etc who also took advantage of free state education to get her CNA. From there she went on to become a better paid specialist in a clinical lab position.  However, because she had it rough and was able to succeed from welfare to independence she know believes that anyone who is on welfare and "scams the system" (by not getting a better paying job) are not deserving to be helped.  Granted, she has a point if there is proof that the majority are scamming the system - I can understand her anger if this is true.  But I tend to believe that this is not the majority of cases.

    I guess my point is that there very well may be a group of successful ex-welfare recipients who are actually harder on the present unemployed and working poor because they themselves were able to succeed so if the other don't then there is something wrong with these "scammers" - not realizing that the economic situation may not have as many opportunities for the current crop of recipients.

    •  I agree with you, but... (1+ / 0-)
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      Black Max

      it's highly unlikely that anyone who has seen how hard a person has to work, to sucessfully get out of poverty would never become a right-wing gasbag.  She would know the truth about welfare, how imparative the programs are, and how hard it is to pull yourself out of. I guess they could believe that some people are scammers, but I find it hard to believe that a person in that position would believe a majority of welfare recipients are scammers, cut the safety net out from under everyone and that we should let them starve.

      That's like someone surviving cancer, but then telling all the people who still have cancer that they're just not fighting hard enough and deserve to die.  I guess it could happen, but it's pretty unlikely.

      •  Unfortunately in this case, very likely (1+ / 0-)
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        Black Max

        This woman who was on welfare, etc with whom I had the heated discussion went through the "cancer treatment"  herself and now feels that those who "have cancer" are not trying hard enough to get off from welfare and thus do not deserve to have the safety  net like she had to get herself into a life of self-support.

        I am just trying to illustrate that there are some people out there who have lived through the bad times and benefited from the help they received and now feel that others do not deserve it because they are not trying hard enough.  I am hoping that she is a loner in this opinion, but I am a cynic and do  not feel that she is.

        •  That is an odd opinion for her to have... (0+ / 0-)

          like I said, it could happen, it just doesn't seem likely.  Usually the people that have been thru the welfare system are more sympathetic to the causes and problems that the recipients have to deal with, not less.

          It's irritating to know that there are people are there that want it both ways, they want support when they need it, but don't think anyone else deserves it.  Kind of like all the Republicans that whine about federal spending but they're the first in line for subsidies and earmarks for their district.  

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