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View Diary: Breaking:Police in NOLA Murder Spree Are Sentenced (158 comments)

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  •  The federal government response was horrid. (1+ / 0-)
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    No one is disputing that.  It was horrid whether you were white, black, rich, poor, Democrat, Republican, whatever.  It was universally incompetent.

    Gov. Blanco's pre-storm actions were incompetent.  There was NO state coordination of the evacuation, NO state coordination of shelters, I could go on and on.  Afterward, the reaction of the state government was incompetent as well.  I give her a bit more leeway in the immediate aftermath because the state's biggest city was flooded, but it didn't get better after a while.  Gov. Blanco's Road Home Program probably killed any re-election chances she had.

    And Nagin was an embarrassment all around.  Even giving him some leeway for the unprecedented disaster, he was an embarrassment.  

    •  "horrid"? "incompetent"? BushCo... (2+ / 0-)
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      radical simplicity, yella dawg

      ...intentionally withheld needed resources for days after the levees broke.

      Sure, there was plenty of incompetence to share around. However, intentionally withholding resources for search, rescue, and assistance to the displaced? - that's something more than incompetence.

      'Course, it seems that my perspective was a bit closer than yours.


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