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View Diary: A Police Officer Was Forced To Release Pepper Spray. At 4 Year Old. (235 comments)

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    the SCOTUS ruling this week that law enforcement has the right to strip-search anyone that they take into custody for any reason whatsoever.  Just the fact that someone gets booked allows the police to subject them to degrading, humiliating strip searches (multiple ones if they feel like it!).

    So folks like George Clooney and his dad last week might have a very different outcome this week for their protest at that embassy.  Not just booked and then released.  Not even.  Not anymore.

    I so gasped when I saw that SCOTUS decision come down on Monday.    It's like, what must other countries of the world be thinking of our "democracy" and our "Constitution" today?!   The oppressive regimes are laughing into their coffees, since we now look no different from the tactics they use to control "dissent".

    I very much worry for the Occupy! protestors everywhere in the country this summer.   I think the right-wing justices (we know which ones) approved this outrageous tactic by law enforcement just to chill dissent in our nation.  

    I can't handle the excessive pat-down by airport screeners.   I actually pay extra for my travel tickets so I minimize my chances of getting the "speshul treatment".    I can only imagine the degradation one would feel at being strip-searched when hauled in and booked due to a traffic warrant you forgot about.  Or just "corralled" by police in a mass protest demonstration.  

    Yes, this humiliating tactic is now legal in these United States, at law enforcement discretion, any time.

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