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  •  Mitt needs (11+ / 0-)

    a passport or the space shuttle to get over here to the real world.

    He sees us as the great unwashed, as swaths of stereotypical people - in the south he says "y'all" and eats grits - like he doesn't actually see the people, like the way Disneyland caricatures the kids in "it's a small world".  No deeper understand of what people need or want or how they live or what they feel or think.

    Just the surface - southern=grits, midwest=corn, etc.  Not people, not Americans.

    Not his constituents, just some homogenous-by-region group he needs to pander to in order to get elected.

    He doesn't even know how phony he comes across.  I mean maybe he doesn't care but I truly think he has no idea he's not connecting to real people.

    Why is it that a 3% tax increase for the wealthy is considered "socialism" and an 8% wage cut for the middle class is "doing your part"? MartyM

    by delphine on Fri Apr 06, 2012 at 02:42:00 PM PDT

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