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  •  Another fine diary, Teacherken (4+ / 0-)
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    In the real world, many of us must keep a low profile to survive.  Many of my customers are conservatives and to express many of my progressive views would jeapordize my ability to make a living.  In the real world, we are often compelled to excercise discretion.

    A sad aspect of Mitt's situation is that he has no such constraint.  For him to express his views imposes no risk for him or his family.  He has money that would enable him to promote causes that he holds dear.

    In the real world, people are in touch with their core beliefs -- and can readily acknowledge dissonance when circumstances and beliefs clash.   The ease and frequency of Romney's "flip-flops" is frightening.  Perhaps Romney is so compromised and so detached that he has lost sight of any core principles.  Perhaps he never had any.   For one to acknoweldge one's own shallowness is not as frightening as Romney's apparent emotional blindness.

    In the real world a dog is a man's best friend.  Seamus likely treated Mitt with affection despite the sicknening cartop ride.  Was Mitt present to a dog's unconditional love?

    Mitt is a living, breathing tragedy -- a man who has everything yet has nothing.

    How sad.

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