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    EVERYONE (including every person who thinks Mitt "might not be so bad") needs to read this.  

    I will share this in hopes that some of my friends and relatives who are still believing that if we only let the rich have more they will fix everything.

    From someone whose parents were pulled out of school in their early teen years (13) to work in factories...
    from someone who
    babysat; worked as a clerk in the 5 and 10; worked in a pill packing plant; worked all through four years of state college; never even saw a check in the summer between college because every penny went to tuition; worked as a public educator for forty plus years, and is still working as a sub.

    From someone who learned to paint the trim on my house; fix and repair everything in my house from plumbing to minor electrical stuff; learned to trim bushes and trees all in an effort to keep a decent home.  

    Mitt does not have a clue.
    And oh yea, from someone who would go ballistic if I ever saw any idiot putting their pet on top of the car on a trip.   Clearly "all creatures great and small" is not a part of the "religious right"......from Mitt to may others who pretend it was OK.  

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