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  •  I was on the WA Lifeline (2+ / 0-)
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    Yes Zarille is a piece of work but remember that a vote for Rob McKenna (his BBF) for governor is a vote for exactly this social philosophy.  This is what you get.  

    I became disabled following a auto wreck in 97 though no fault of anyone except black ice.  A car spun out and hit me.  Nobody was drinking or using drugs or any other stereotyping.  First I was out of work for almost a year in which I ran up medical bills, ran up my credit cards and took an early payout on my retirement just to live while I waited on an insurance settlement.  As a result I have no credit, lost my retirement and live on disability social security.  

    When I ran out of money and still unable to work I applied for my Social Security Disability.  Not SSI.  My social security.  The insurance I'd paid into all my working life.  I was initially turned down.  To my horror I learned that virtually everyone is turned down and that it was going to take two to three years to prove my case.  Eventually I found my way to what was then called GAX which I guess is now called the lifeline.

    Basically how it worked then is that the state ran you through an abbreviated in time but in some ways more strenuous version of proof.  When they became convinced that you would eventually qualifiy for SSD (Social Security Disability under you earn by working) then you qualify for the "Lifeline".  

    It was only given to people who were very likely to eventually get their social security and by default you cannot qualify for Social Security as a drug addict or an alcoholic.  Those are lot qualifying disabilities.  

    The so-called drunk check so beloved as a Republican straw-man went away 20 years ago.  Yes at one time you could qualify for state welfare and medicaid through being diagnosed as an alcoholic.  Alcoholism is after all a disease and other little recognized (by some) factoid.  And yes it was abused but it's long gone and time they moved on.  Being an addict does not get you on welfare and addiction doesn't play favorites.  The percentage is the same across society.  Poor people are no more likely to become addicted (alcohol is just another drug) than anyone else.  

    I got medical, food stamps and a small check.  I think some of that has changed but basically that's the way it works.  I also got a case manager who helped me prove my case and finally get off the states dime.  

    Zarille and is both a hypocrite and full of shit.  However I don't begrudge him his disability anymore than you should begrudge me mine.  I don't walk in his shoes or live with his pain.  No doubt he qualified under the rules that were in effect.  Yes he is a hypocrite but I don't fault him the benefit.  We should take better care of all our vets.      

    The solution work and vote for Jay Inslee and do your best to increase the Democratic majority in the state assembly.  

    A bad idea isn't responsible for those who believe it. ---Stephen Cannell

    by YellerDog on Fri Apr 06, 2012 at 10:26:52 PM PDT

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