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    As I (a zen dabbling militant agnostic secular humanist lapsed reform Jew) and the lovely and brilliant dr. mrs. sdf (a very, very lapsed Catholic) raise two boys in a smorgasbord of traditions, we find ourselves constantly pointing out overlap.  The Younger Boy goes to the local synagogue pre-school (not because his parents want a rabbi, but for reasons of quality and convenience) and was so excited by his passover plate that dr. mrs. sdf googled up a webpage called "Shiksa in the Kitchen" and I dug up the weary old 1970s haggadahs that my dad had slipped me some years back (and which, I'm afraid, are covered in my mind with memories of dinner delayed and kicking cousins under the kid's table).  We had a very lovely and mercifully abbreviated Seder on Friday, just the four of us.  (My only concern is that the Younger Boy was so keen on hiding -- as well as finding -- the afikoman, and like most four year olds, in doing so repeatedly, that we will be finding pieces of broken stale Matzah around the house for weeks and months ...)

    Today she's preparing Easter brunch and the kids are getting their eggs ready -- we explained to the Older Boy, whose education in religious and divine traditions has consisted mostly of reading the Percy Jackson books, that in Russian (that is the Old Church Slavonic, taken from the Greek) and several other languages, "Pasakh," of course, refers to both holidays -- and I better get ready to Be Useful (in fact, I was just instructed in precisely those terms, especially as she saw the unmistakable Orange on my screen and knew for certain that I was Not Being Useful) before the neighbors come over.

    I am sorely tempted to post the old Happy Easter cards from "The Onion" (I showed my dear lapsed Catholic wife as she was getting things ready in the kitchen and she laughed merrily), but since this is Easter Sunday, I will refrain for fear of potentially offending more sincere believers (and will instead merely note that a google image search with "The Onion" and "Easter Cards" in quotation marks will turn up all three among the first results ...)

    -- Stu

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