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  •  This is what gave the U.S. an edge... (16+ / 0-)

    Many other developed countries that we compete against globally don't have music programs. I always felt this is what gave our students an edge. Getting exposed to music (and art) tapped into and grew the creativities of our students. This is what made us different - why we could innovate so easily.

    Music helps with math. It also helps with team work. It also demands perfection. What other discipline demands 100% accuracy? If everyone in an orcehstra missed one note per piece it would be a horrid listening experience - it only sounds good when everyone is hitting all the right notes at the exact same times.

    Even though I don't work in the music field professionally, it is what drove me through school and got me to go to college and graduate with a Bachelor's of Music. I may not be in the industry today, but the skills and habits (practice, practice, practice) it instills in someone can be applied to any field.

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