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  •  i mentioned in another comment that an ideal (0+ / 0-)

    curriculum would certainly be integrated--so if the students had learned the basic concept of what a note was, or what a beat was, in first grade music class, so much the better.

    But it seems to me this is just fractions through rhythm--we're not talking any advanced music theory here.  If a study shows that this helps students who are otherwise struggling with fractions retain fractions a bit better, then so much the better.

    It's not about teaching music in any case--it's using selected musical concepts as a vehicle to math.

    But the point you're missing---is that the piece isn't MEANT to deal with music advocacy.  It's not looking at that concept.  It's looking at different approaches to math, specifically, that might help kids.  The fact that one of the developers works with autistic kids (who often  respond well to music therapy, for example) seems to highlight the fact that this is a positive, not an ill intent.

    You're still seeing this as a threat to the music curriculum--whereas I'm seeing it as a supplement to a math curriculum.

    In any case, these are research studies.  Lots of them explore things that people in certain fields may experience as obvious...but these things aren't obvious to everyone.

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