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    My point is that if you're genuinely Christian, if you truly follow this ethical philosophy, then you side with the oppressed without question or qualification, up to and including those scenarios where the oppressed is the atheist.
    this statement confuses the thrust of your diary, which i agree with wholeheartedly.  in that it poses the question of "genuine Christianity" despite the NTS business that preceded it.

    the comment about the edinburgh/scotland distinction is insightful.  but if i were to rail against the Pugnacious Christian Hegemonists who are mucking about with our plurality and civil liberties, there would nevertheless be a barrage of insulted Christians who claim that they do not behave like a PCH and how dare i suggest it.  thereby derailing the argument into a definition of terms, which is prohibitively exhaustive when dealing with vast umbrella terms like Christian.  so i get what you say when the umbrage of one side, based on a misapprehension of where the brush stroke hits the canvas, changes the topic of discussion away from the ethical malfeasance of certain groups of people who identify as Christian and onto the inclusion or exclusion of which groups of people who identify as Christians fall within the PCH subset.  

    that said, the push back against atheists or nonbelievers supposedly dictating what Christianity is or isn't seems to indicate a fundamental misunderstanding of basic Christian theology.  these beliefs were codified in the various creeds which evolved with the early church specifically to denote the boundary between heresy and true Christian thought.  those creeds are not defunct today but continue to provide the contours of righteous belief for modern believers.  so yes, atheists, Muslims, Hindi, and Mormons alike can point to the creed of a particular sect (Apostle's, Nicean, etc) and use this as the infrastructure to debate what it is that a Christian supposedly believes.  not believing the creed is, by definition, heresy.

    thanks for the diary and the opportunity to ponder a few things.

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