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    I agree with your point overall, but I am in the real world, and I knew who Hilary Rosen is. She ran the Human Rights Campaign for a while. She's a Big Gay Politico, though of course plenty of folks in the gay community wouldn't know her by name, either.

    I thought she ran HRC poorly. But she was running the largest mainstream gay rights org in the country for a bit.

    And I think she phrased this poorly. I do see her point, and I think she's being intentionally misrepresented for political gain. I see what she was saying, I think she was right, and I think she said it poorly from a political perspective.

    But I do think what they're trying -- and so far failing miserably to do -- is play into their classic framework of liberal feminist lesbian nazis who disapprove of stay at home moms and hardworkin' men and real 'murka. If they weren't so incredibly stupid on any number of fronts at this point, it would actually be a smart and craven political move, one they've built the framework for over decades. We should really keep that stuff in mind, IMO.

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