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    "The main thesis was that even a decade ago, it took two incomes to maintain the same standard of living as one income could provide generations ago. "

    Because the so-called "same" isn't the same. Just to begin, in 1963 i had my first real summer job (I was 13) at the $1.25 minimum wage. But for $0.75 I could go to a first-run movie in NYC. Today, minimum wage is $7.25, and the movie will cost nearly 2x that (most theaters here start at $13.50). OTOH, now the seats are better and the projection is digital—so not really the same.

    Well into the 60s, I lived in a fairly well-off suburb. But the houses had single-car garages and many families had single cars—the husbands car-pooled to the station. The cars we did own were used. The house—3 9x12 bedrooms and a single bath, about 1200 sf.—was smaller than practically anyone would build today. There was one TV. Eventually there was a second phone. Few took plane trips or went to Europe. There were no bills for multiple cell phones, internet access, electronic game access, cable TV and HBO, et.c, etc., etc.

    My take—if you would be content to live on, say, a 1965 standard of living, then you could probably do it on one middle-class income. Even today.

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