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  •  I totally agree. I truly think it makes it 100 (3+ / 0-)
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    frisco, Matt Z, FiredUpInCA

    times worse to try and defend what Rosen said.

     At the moment, because of the comment, Ann Romney now seems like Mrs. Cleaver to most Americans.  Before Rosen's comment, I am willing to say most Americans had no idea she wasn't a lawyer or a physician or what have you.  To be perfectly frank, I am a complete political junkie and I honestly had no idea until Rosen said what she said, that she had always been a housewife.  I never knew that, I just assumed she had a career.  

    So now Ann Romney looks like the soccer mom down the road, who makes cupcakes for all the kids.  Nobody hates the soccer mom down the road who makes cupcakes for all the kids, no matter how rich they are.  There are plenty of middle class and even upper class stay-at-home women out there with housekeepers and lawn boys and whatever who will take this issue straight to heart, unless we drop it and quit digging the knife deeper.  We absolutely need their votes.  So every time any of us say that since Ann Romney was filthy rich and since Ann Romney had a choice and simply because of that perhaps she wasn’t the “the right kind” of stay at home mom or she is less worthy of notice or somehow it makes it less honorable, it simply looks like an attack or insult.

       Even the issue that she had outside help... what does that say to the millions of private school, garden club, PTA, pool boy and housekeeper having stay-at-home moms.  Don't fool yourself and think they must all be Republicans.  Millions are not.  So what does that say to them who always vote Democrat….and always give to Democrat charities and campaigns or volunteer for Democrat causes, because it is the societal thing to do.  What statement does that give to them?  It sounds as if we are saying that if they had a choice or if they have some money in the bank, or even a ton of it, then maybe their choice might not be quite as honorable because they themselves may be just a little like Ann.  I know tons of upper middle class soccer moms, as a teacher.  I know tons of the same as an active Progressive woman.  They take their status as a wife and mother as something that they are extremely proud of and they never consider it less that worthy regardless if they are a doctor’s wife or a janitor’s wife.  If the Rosen comment and further defending it sounds like an insult to me, and I can’t stand Mitt and Ann…imagine what it sounds like to other women, who made the same choice as Ann, even if they were lucky enough to have been able to do anything they wished.

    I think what Rosen said was idiotic.... period, and on multiple levels. Not only was is the wrong thing to say politically, but as much as I hate everything Mitt and Ann stand in policy, I really think what Rosen said was insulting to any stay at home mom, including Ann.  We should just agree it was stupid and move on.  Otherwise, it only looks like we are attacking "Mrs. Cleaver" over and over again and Romney's team will make sure it is headlines every time we try.  It is a losing issue.

     The President knew this, Michelle Obama knew this, and the DNC knew this…hence the multiple statements on how they didn’t agree with it.  We should take the same attitude and move on without further comment.

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      think you don't get the growing hatred for the rich in this country. And you know it's growing and they are fearful, or you wouldn't hear over and over and over in the media and the talk show talkers telling us how "we aren't envious of the rich in America". That's not "who we are".

      People are stupid, but not that stupid. People have watched for a decade now how all the money is going to a very few people.

      And it's true, we aren't envious, we are mad as hell that the rich are so corrupt.

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