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  •  She graduated from UNC in 1968-Guess cost now (0+ / 0-)

    I read this latest ridiculousness from Foxx last night and looked up the current cost to go to UNC. Even for an in-state student the total is over $20,000. She seriously expects a kid just out of high school to pay that with a part-time job. Even if someone took a year off to work full-time, they couldn't pay for the following year's costs even if they lived with their parents.

    The total cost for the 2011-2012 academic year is $20,660 for an in-state student and for out-of-state it's $41,140. That's tuition, room, board, books, health insurance, personal expenses - everything.

    Then they say this:

    It is important to know that tuition and fees will increase over time. Over the last four years, annual increases in Carolina’s tuition and fees have averaged $410 (or just over 7 percent) for North Carolina students and $1,400 (or just less than 7 percent) for out-of-state students.
    Students better hope they qualify for financial aid. The school says if enrolled students have a demonstrated need that will be met with a combination of grants and loans.

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