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  •  Thank you for speaking (7+ / 0-)

    Every person that speaks out on how bullying has harmed their lives is brave in my book.  I've been shut up by a good friend before, told that bullying was normal and I shouldn't talk about it like what I experienced was a big dea.   That hurt as much as the bullying, it made me embarrassed to talk about it as an adult.  But no matter what anyone says, you can't just push damage under the rug like a piece of dust.  It won't stay there.

    I really identified with you regarding coming to hate yourself as an adolescent.  I had that experience.  I developed too quickly when I hit that period and grew a large bust over-night.  I felt like I had become some kind of creature.  I still recall a picture a girl drew on the chalk board of me before class, huge Dolly Parton boobs on a stick figure girl with my name under it.  I thought it made me fat and ugly.  I tend to cross my arms alot still.  I felt so ugly that I tried everything to change that feeling, even starving myself in college to a dangerous degree.  The self-hatred has been the hardest part, if I were worth anything, why would they say what they do?  Can all those people at school be wrong?  My best friends were bullied too.  My closest friend was tormented far worse than I ever was, his live was a complete living hell.

    We really need more discussion of the after-effects of bullying, it doesn't just vanish with graduation, there's a price to pay.

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