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View Diary: Bundle or Nothing: Big Telecoms ENDING Universal Phone Service (306 comments)

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  •  Our patchwork telecom and public datacom (6+ / 0-)

    access in this country is a joke.

    The wireless mess is perfect example.   For the number of towers out there it is ridiculous how poor the coverage is.   Instead of using all available resources to provide coverage we have several different networks where a user may be having their calls dropped because of poor coverage on their network when there is lots of bandwidth and good reception available on another network.

    Unfortunately, just like in almost all aspects of our US society we are wasteful pigs.   Instead of using our resources intelligently we employ a very wasteful competitive model where business go boom and bust and finally we end up with big monopolies anyway and not always with the best services or products, just with the company that was the smartest in gaming the system to have them come out the winner.

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