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View Diary: Greedy, Lazy Firefighters Caught on Tape Wasting Tax Money (199 comments)

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  •  I understood that (9+ / 0-)

    However there's a seriously false narrative about how all that happened.

    my comment referred to the recent stories in which houses have been burned down/destroyed because they did not/could not afford to pay the take to get the firefighters out there. One thing most people would assume their tax dollars for. But I guess it goes to the militarized vehicles and high powered assault weapons instead.
    Obion County has been so tax averse for so long, and their governor so tea-partied, that the county DOES NOT HAVE a fire service.

    The problem here is that the department in a neighboring jurisdiction has opened itself up to the possibility of subscription coverage outside of their area.  This is a band-aid on a bullet hole, and should never be allowed.

    The context here is that they live in a county with no fire department.  That's a huge problem, and should never happen in America.  However, the county residents voted not to have one rather than pay a tax.  The fact that another neighboring area DOES have a fire department doesn't make that department guilty of anything.

    •  That's what's stupid about the whole thing (1+ / 0-)
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      To get the neighboring FD out there, all each resident has to pay is $75 a year. Pretty cheap, but either way, you're going to pay.

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