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View Diary: Will AT&T Do A Komen And Ruin Its Brand By Hurting Workers? (9 comments)

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    joe wobblie

    While "customers" of the Susan G Komen Foundation were free to quit and cut ties with the foundation at will upon realization that their relationship with the brand ("pink" promotions of everything from tulip bulbs to yoghurt and mushrooms at the grocery) would no longer boost sales, customers of AT&T are in an entirely different position.  Almost all of them are locked into long-term contracts, with the LEAST controlling being a standard 2-year cell-phone agreement, but many have "grandfathered" terms on cell and data services that cannot be duplicated in the changing market and can never be recovered if they once drop service.

    In other words, AT&T has its customers tied up in virtual bondage, and can do whatever the hell it pleases.  If they don't like it, they can pay "damages" greater than the benefit AT&T plans to collect from them for several years.  AT&T is sitting exactly where every monopolist dreams to be.  Until you invent some means for customers to make AT&T's operation hell WITHOUT voiding their service contracts, it will just do whatever it wants.

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