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  •  I'm sorry! (10+ / 0-)

    So, so sorry - that must have been and still must be indescribably awful. For both yourself as it happened and afterwards and Jim in the lead-up.

    Whilst I can somewhat empathise with the horror of your situation (last year my partner of 8 years came very close to killing herself by hanging before I found her and called for paramedics & administered CPR as it was indicated), I don't think the less of Jim for what happened, and I suspect that many others on Daily Kos shan't either.

    Between the time several years ago when I was very seriously considering it myself and what happened last year, I know that someone in an acutely and severely suicidal state of mind's thinking and in turn actions can be very altered from what they might otherwise be - even to the point of outright irrationality. I don't know why he called your attention to what was happening just as he did it, but in case you feel that it reflects negatively on either you or his feelings towards you, know that it's very, very difficult to know how someone in his frame of mind at that moment thought that it would come across, and it may very well not be anything like that.

    Again, I'm so sorry and offer gentle hugs.

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