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    Been there myself earlier this year.  And at the time it just seems that you have the insight to acknowledge how crappy your life is when no-one else can.  But that isn't what's really going on.  I didn't do it because, ultimately, I didn't want my best friend to be stuck with the job of explaining to my godsons why Aunty wouldn't be coming round any more, or my brother to have to explain to my niece and nephew.  I just hung on to that as hard as I could, but it was still very, very difficult.  Aji, (and Tricia and anyone else) if you need something to hold on to, just take a sec to come to DK.  (Or maybe just think it really hard, although I know that works between me and my closest friends, but I don't how psychic I am when there's a couple of oceans in the way.)

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