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  •  Are you saying Mr. and Mrs. Kalonji are giving up? (0+ / 0-)

    They better not!  They have come too lose it all now!  I don’t know about you…But, I could never afford a house to buy.  I am the poorest I have ever been….I just declared bankruptcy for the first time…and have gone the last four days with no food or gas.   So, when I hear someone bought a house….Oh my!   I am so Happy for them…it is truly Amazing!  More power to them!   There are always going to be those who are infantile racist and stubborn?   It is ridicules why people are like that! The Kalonji should never Give Up…on each other or their home…EVER!  My GOD!  Who the Heck has the right to tell anyone else what to do or how to think..I don’t care if they are their own family, neighbors or not!   With what the Kalonji have gone through…the looks, the whispers, the bad public stares of disgust, the people in public laughing at them in the distance, the insults, the humiliations…and so much more from total strangers…just because they are together!  There is nothing in this world that should stop them from seeking their own happiness in each other’s care and love!   As long as they have worked out all their differences and made it through all their hardships of discovery about each other, that is intensely more than most people even could ever imagine going through.  The prejudices and inability to work things out together some people carry around with them is so sad.  The inability to see life from another’s points of view and be sympathetic to others is a very selfish way to be.  The neighbors obviously have never really met the Kalonji’s….and the fact they aren’t even willing to even try…is very childish!  I have always carried my rose colored glasses around with me, kinda an optimist at heart, I guess…maybe, with a little time I would like to think…the neighbors will get over their stubborn behavior and realize life is way too short to be so bitter in life!  If not, then it’s their loss.  Because the Kalonji’s sound like great people…to have survived through so much together.   But, if the neighbors aren’t prepared to open up so soon and need a bit of time?  The Kalonji’s I am sure will just have more time alone together…Besides the Kalonji’s can spend the extra time together making their place amazing to be….A Sanctuary away from Reality!…instead of hanging over the fence and gossiping with the new neighbors.   But, in the mean time…while the neighborhood is cooling off maybe the Kalonji’s should take a week off and go to the beach or something?  Hang out till the 29th have a BBQ on the beach that Sunday afternoon….I hear it is warming up and a fun place to be?  Maybe even invite the neighbors for meet and greet get together at the beach?  Ah, maybe that is asking a bit much in their first week.   If they are from California (who knows?) there is this great place for family BBQ’s picnic’s….at Mission Beach (South End-Bayside) There are BBQ pits and benches..I like it at the end of the street at “San Luis Rey”….it’s in front of weird house I like.  But, just about anywhere works in South Mission …the beach is clean and just a beautiful place to get away for a relaxing and calm walk along the water’s edge and a great place to have Boom Fire to roast those smore’s.  You should try it sometime?

    •    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." ~Jimi Hendrix

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