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View Diary: Fox News Apparently Fabricated Obama's "Silver Spoon" Quote (99 comments)

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  •  unlike some people, i wasn't born (8+ / 0-)

    with a silver spoon in my mouth. nothing wrong with the truth, it shall set you free. unless, of course, you happen to be mitt romney, in which case it simply makes you look like a putz. even if it were aimed at mr. romney (which it clearly wasn't), there was no reason for him to be upset, unless he feels guilty about it. clearly, he does.

    mr. romney has had all the benefits wealth and privilage can bestow. in another time, this would have required he give back to the community in some way. he has not. throughout his adult life, mr. romney has done nothing which could be remotely construed as meeting the requirements of Noblesse Oblige. his guilt is understandable, i have no sympathy for him.

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