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View Diary: Fox News Apparently Fabricated Obama's "Silver Spoon" Quote (99 comments)

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  •  He has often used this or a similar line, (8+ / 0-)

    especially as a segue between raising taxes on the top 2% (or republicans wanting to give tax breaks to "people like me"  who don't need them) and his empathy with need for better student aid, be it pell grants or student loans.

    He is both a person who has needed a hand up and now a person who wants to be part of giving it.
    Like 'I'm rich. I didn't start out that way and would never have gotten the education that helped me get there without the help I want available for everyone'

    Some on MSNBC  really bugged me on this issue. They didn't think he should be ragging on romney like that. And Chris Matthews said something like
    OK so you're a scholarship kid. Should you really be saying it that way when the people you are mocking had parents who paid the full tab?

    Really Chris? Poor little rich kids whose parents paid the whole tab while those lucky grifters like Obama got to pay that tab over many many years, with interest?

    He said that maybe on Thursday and it still bugs me to recall it.

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