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View Diary: Planned Parenthood believes it's being targeted with another hidden camera sting operation (65 comments)

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  •  but I often feel... (4+ / 0-)

    when in conversations with fervent far right republicans that when I concede certain points they believe to be "ace cards" the conversation is much more successful.  

    Being pro-choice is morally separating yourself from the decision, which means you can still morally disagree but you are separated.  The same goes for all sorts of topics.  I morally object to abortions after the first 15-20ish weeks but its not my choice to make.  On that note I often ask "so if you had a 10 year old daughter that was raped by a relative you don't think protecting her from a pregnancy would be the morally right thing to do?"  If they want to talk an extreme, which abortions after sex can be determined is not common, I gladly engage, concede where I honestly feel in agreement and then move forward.

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