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View Diary: Insolvency, tax cuts, military spending and social security (188 comments)

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  •  It's a temporary bubble (11+ / 0-)

    A short-term cash flow issue, of the kind that businesses resolve every day by borrowing some money to tide them over until future income rolls in.

    The post WWII baby boom, coming as it did when the Social Security program was just getting started, created the bubble, and it will go away as the baby boom generation dwindles.

    Nevertheless, politicians and their media sycophants are DETERMINED to ignore that simple fact and even their own financial projections--and even when the deception is exposed they refuse to stray from the official line like this notorious example. Worse, they disparage baby boomers as "greedy" for refusing to let themselves be victimized by lies.

    Propaganda that extreme typically indicates a coverup of something that is very threatening to the power brokers. It has been said that politicians spent all of the SS surplus and don't want to do what is necessary to pay it back.  That would mean raising taxes on the 1% and cutting programs that are dear to them.

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