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  •  Yep...I remember when being called Peace-nik (3+ / 0-)
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    was about as bad as it got from 'average' conservatives. Okay, that along with mini-lectures like, "Are you really in agreement with all those protesters? Don't you realize you'll end up with an FBI file and deemed a known supporter of communists if you sign that petition to free those criminal protesters or are photographed in that peace march?  It'll go on your permanent record and then what will you do?"

    And then there was the occasional presumptive alpha-male outburst of something like "You're just a G-D_n F_n hippie-freak, free-love, draft-card-burning surrender-monkey who wipes his/her ass on America's burning flag every day while holding up a busted peace sign while clutching some hippie dippy peace slut...and, hey, let me show you my half'a peace sign, buddy! Right up the middle, you idiot goof-ball!  And pull me another American made beer from the cooler you ungrateful freak, then you can go waste your head blowing your Mexican weed or whatever drugs you like this week. And hey, Punk! Don't you ever get my daughter pregnant with your weak headed demon seed or I'll be running your sorry ass up that flag pole with that peace flag rammed up inside.  What was it that messed up your whole generation, the flouride in the water? Those foreign rock bands like The Beatles?"  

    And that was for having horn-rimmed glasses, hair that came over the tops of my ears just a bit, bell bottoms, a guitar, and expressing a concern about the futility of the war to carpet bomb Viet Nam and Cambodia, the human and environmental costs of Agent Orange, and the odd fact that rich 18 year olds of rich and powerful families seem to get easy draft deferrals, while other kids didn't.  And the rich kids got to join frats at fancy private colleges, pickling their brains binging on beer and shots and competing to bed coeds, all the while laughing at the poor slobs who get drafted and are compelled to go to the jungles and get maimed or die in Viet Nam, and I was wondering out loud what was so patriotic and right about that, and suggesting that everyone focusing on peace and love might be a whole lot more productive for the whole world, and that I had become a committed Consciencious Objector, which kept sounding like being a Commie Pinko to her dad.  

    It is a pretty crazy country where using one's rights to assemble and speak, to take a stand, articulating a clear position for peace, with consensus as a group, and this frightening spectacle gets the hot police response or national guard out in full military garb and there are violent beat downs of those criminally peace-loving drug-crazed youth--and that beat down of those foolish peace-loving hippies is what earns the attention and approval of such conservatives.  Being for the war, marching for the war and hurling insults at, or physically confronting peace advocates, and, no problem, there are no arrests, no tear gas, no police beat downs, nobody deems you foolish or as trying to subvert or overthrow 'the establishment'.  Although scary peaceful flowers might be offered them by peace-niks as the war-niks go by.

    Be against the war, calling for peace and justice, be for reasoning together towards common consensus and finding a fair compromise, and you learn to expect the local war to come in hard, to aim directly for your head and guts, after the volleys of tear gas.  Being for Peace, holding up flowers and hand-painted signs, is clearly one of the most threatening actions and offensive acts a citizen can do, with other citizens (besides all that icky free love stuff) and require battalions of police to repress, arrest and shut down, as the media pontificates on the foolishness and affirming the criminality of those daring to protest like that, in public places.  And being a Peace-nik only makes the news only if violently opposed with harsh prejudice and getting body parts bashed in, against a backdrop of TV newsworthy picturesque roiling clouds tear gas, and an incited bloody running riot of some kind or another, even if perhaps incited by the local 'Officers of The Peace' or FBI doing their COUNTER-INTEL thing.  

    And in this current age, being an advocate for Peace and Justice can result in being named to the no-fly list and deemed a potential domestic terrorist, belligerently inciting and encouraging others to think peaceful thoughts. Raising your arm to deflect a baton blow that seems aimed at one's spleen or other vital organs or head is deemed to be criminally resisting arrest and actively attacking an officer, and refusing to heed the directions of an officer, refusing to submit to a lawful arrest, conspiracy to incite a riot, etc. If one survives that direct on-slought, the legal battle begins where 'the book' is thrown at you and keeping you suffering pain in jail as long as possible seems to be the goal of some 'in the system'. Daring to video and document what appears to be outrageous police response has been criminalized in some states.  It's not cheap or easy to advocate for Peace and tends not to leave one injury free and deprived of electronic personal property (evidence proving conspiracy of course).  Peace-loving Americans do not seem to have a clear sort of majority representation, even in these days.  Not tolerating and forcefully repressing those who form groups in public daring to adovcate tolerance, fairness, justice and just getting along peacefully is what remains uniquely and exceptionally status-quo American.

    When life gives you wingnuts, make wingnut butter!

    by antirove on Tue Apr 24, 2012 at 12:46:48 PM PDT

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