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View Diary: Awesome New Anti-Walker Ad in Wis + Prosser (The Choker) News + Hush Money? Update 3 (69 comments)

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  •  It is a relative of Russell's who is paying (7+ / 0-)

    according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    The article gives info from the charges after an open records request was filed.

    Franklin, who has since bowed out of the case, appeared incredulous that Maistelman was demanding half or more of the $2,000 Franklin had received from "someone on behalf of my client," Franklin said.

    Maistelman said he'd already put in extensive hours on Russell's case without getting paid.

    "And I'm like, 'Andy, I brought you in on this case. I need to be paid some of it back now,'" said Maistelman.

    "I was trying to put pressure on you because you stiffed me," Maistelman told Franklin. "I brought you in on a big case and you stiffed me, okay?"

    Franklin said Maistelman was turning the incident into "a conflagration of major proportions."

    Russell, who was present for the fracas, praised the work both had done on the case, but expressed regret about the blowup.

    "Your Honor, I would have rather that Mr. Maistelman and Mr. Franklin and I had sat down in a room together and without committing assault (worked) the issue out."

    Franklin withdrew that day as one of Russell's lawyers. He was later replaced by John Birdsall, who in turn was replaced by Dennis Krueger. Maistelman is also still representing Russell in the case.

    The transcript doesn't reveal who provided the $2,000 retainer. Maistelman said Tuesday that it was a relative of Russell's.

    I am the one who made that part about the relative bold, so that you guys could see it.

    This story was somewhat buried in the blog section of the paper.

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