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View Diary: NYT: Debt Collectors In The E.R. And At Your Bedside During Recovery (168 comments)

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  •  Indeed. Can't blame this (1+ / 0-)
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    solely on Accretive, I have no sympathy for what those vultures have done and they need to pay for their mercenary tactics. I also have none for the hospitals admins that contracted with Accretive to begin with.

    What sort of hideous hospital management would allow this to go on? Surely they were not entirely unaware of the tactics being used.  Is it not up to the hospital administrators to monitor what their contracted employees do? It most certainly is the case in the facility I work for. They cannot be allowed to wash their hands of choosing Accretive.

    Let's throw some anger at the hospital administrators as well and penalize them for their choice to use Accretive.  I think we should, as much as possible, boycott facilities that choose profit over mercy.

    •  I wonder about effect on healing (0+ / 0-)

      I wonder if you're in a hospital room recovering from an illness or surgery and a bill collector comes in and starts asking for money, what the effect is on healing - does it prolong it, does it cause other health issues? Does it harm the doctor/patient relationship because the patient may be resentful or embarrassed?

      I don't trust that these bill collectors are all nice and calm and wouldn't use scare tactics like "we'll have to release you from the hospital if we don't get a payment."

      I think this is a really bad idea.

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